RESNET HERS Training Provider

RESNET HERS Rater Training & Certification in one place for one price - $1995

Online Course (Includes Enegry Star) 

3 Proctored (remotely) RESNET Exams

Personalized instruction on CAZ sim, Practical sim and Ekotrope software

5 Probationary Ratings (Projected, Pre-drywall and 3 full final ratings

Discount on Retrotec equipment



RFI Training & Certification - $995

Online course for basic knowledge

CAZ Sim with personalized instruction and exam monitoring

3 Probationary Inspectiions/Tests and final certification


RESNET Modeler Training and Certification - $1295


HERS Rater RESNET requuired Modeler Training - $395  (Free if you make your BBC your Rating provider)


BPI IDL Professionals - Become a RESNET RFI - $595



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