RESNET Training Provider

RESNET Training and Certification

Become a HERS Rater for $1995

Become a RESNET RFI for $995

Become a RESNET Modeler for $1295

Modeling Training (required by RESNET ) for Current HERS Raters - $395

             Counts towards 18 hours of professional education/development

             Free if you make BBC your Rating Provider

BPI IDL Professionals - Become a RESNET RFI for $595

Go to for a full description of our Training and Certification Program

RESNET Rating Provider

For Current HERS Raters and RFIs - Current Raters can get the newly required RESNET Modeling training at no charge if you make BBC your provider.

Rater Yearly dues - $360 - Access to Ekotrope software

Rating fees - $30 per rating

       First 4 ratings per year are free of charge

File review fee - Standard rating fee plus $25

Field review fee (if done remotely) - Standard rating fee plus $200

For RFIs - Bullseye will complete your rating and enter it into Ekotrope and the National Registry for $115

Contact Bullseye Building Consultants @ 210 385-1209 OR

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